Fung’s Commitment to McCarthy Means Cuts to Social Security and Medicare


WARWICK, RI- As a result of Allan Fung’s commitment to Kevin McCarthy, 230,000 Rhode Islanders are at risk of having their Social Security and Medicare benefits cut.

Allan Fung has repeatedly said that his first vote in Congress would be to make Kevin McCarthy the Speaker of the House. McCarthy co authored a book that called for the end of guaranteed Medicare and the privatization of Social Security. House Republicans also recently released an extreme budget proposal, Blueprint to Save America, which proposed cutting America’s social safety net and raising the age requirement to receive full Social Security benefits.

“Allan Fung’s commitment to McCarthy is dangerous for Rhode Islanders,” said Communications Director Patricia Socarras. “Republicans in Congress have been scheming to cut these vital programs for years, and Seth Magaziner is determined to stop them. McCarthy is committed to an extreme agenda that hurts seniors and working people and Allan Fung is committed to Kevin McCarthy.”

In stark contrast, Magaziner received the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, the nation’s leading advocacy group that fights to protect Social Security and Medicare. Magaziner has proposed expanding Social Security and Medicare benefits, not cutting them, and supported legislation passed Congress last month to allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug costs for seniors. Allan Fung stated that he opposed the bill to lower drug costs under Medicare.