Magaziner Endorsed by Congresswoman Claudine Schneider, Coalition of Former Republican Candidates and Elected Officials


Warn of Extremism in Republican Congressional Leadership

WARWICK, RI- General Treasurer and congressional candidate Seth Magaziner was endorsed today by former Republican U.S. Congresswoman Claudine Schneider, former Republican State Senator Dawson Hodgson, former Republican State Representative Bob Nardillio, Cranston Councilman Robert Ferri, and former Republican gubernatorial candidate Vincent Marzullo.  All cited concerns of growing extremism in the Republican party and declared they are supporting Seth Magaziner because a vote for Allan Fung would enable the most extreme MAGA elements of the party in Washington.

“The Republican Party of today is not the same Republican Party it was when I represented the Rhode Island second congressional district in the 1980s. The GOP in Washington has become the party of insurrectionist Donald Trump, and it is directly at odds with the values of Rhode Islanders,” said former U.S. Congresswoman Claudine Schneider. “Now more than ever, we need a leader of integrity who will work to turn the page on extremism. That leader is Seth Magaziner.” 

Republican Senator Dawson Hodgson further added, “Allan Fung has stated he will support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House, and this is unacceptable. McCarthy voted to overturn the 2020 election, in direct opposition to the Constitution that we all hold dear. By pledging his allegiance to MAGA election deniers, Allan Fung has disqualified himself from consideration to represent our state in Congress.”

“I have spent much of my career working with AARP and the Senior Agenda Coalition of RI to protect Social Security, Medicare, and the critical programs seniors in Rhode Island depend on. Allan Fung, Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans in Congress represent a direct threat to that work,” said former Republican candidate for Governor Vin Marzullo. “I cannot support Allan Fung because Kevin McCarthy is one of the co-authors of plans to cut these programs and thousands of Rhode Islanders will suffer if this comes to pass.”

Magaziner is committed to protecting Social Security and Medicare, fighting for women to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions and fighting against right-wing extremism in Washington.

“I know Seth Magaziner will work across the aisle to deliver for Rhode Islanders because he worked with me on landmark legislation that we passed together to help Rhode Islanders with disabilities,” said former Representative Bob Nardillilo. “Seth is a leader of integrity, who actually wants to help people, and can cut through the noise we are tired of hearing from Washington. I fully endorse his bid to become the next representative of the CD2.”

As General Treasurer, Magaziner worked with Representative Nardillio to write and pass legislation creating the RI’s ABLE program, which provides individuals with disabilities and their families to have access to tax-free savings and investment accounts. Magaziner went on to work with elected officials of all affiliations to pass historic funding for school construction, repairing over 200 schools across the state.

“The Republican Party has become so extreme, there isn’t room for collaboration or innovation, and it’s exactly why I had to leave,” added Cranston City Councilman Robert Ferri, who changed affiliations from Republican to Democrat in 2021. “I worked with Allan Fung as a constituent and then as a Councilperson-elect, and I saw that he constantly forced other Republicans to vote down party lines. Allan put himself and his own legacy before the best interests of Cranstonians. That’s exactly why Rhode Islanders cannot afford to send him to Congress. I am supporting Seth Magaziner because I truly believe he will fight for the people of Rhode Island, and not just special interests or one party.” 

“In Congress, I will work with people from both parties to stand up for Rhode Islanders and get things done, just as I did as Treasurer. But in order to truly deliver for working people in our state and country, we must turn the page on MAGA extremism once and for all. I am honored that our campaign is earning the support of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats from across CD-2, as we join together in our commitment to the constitution and Rhode Island values,” added General Treasurer and Congressional candidate Seth Magaziner.

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