Beyond The Podium: Magaziner says experience as treasurer would serve him well in Congress


Seth Magaziner is seeking the Democratic nomination in Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District.

Magaziner says his experience as state general treasurer working in every city and town in the district gives him an edge over his opponents.

He identified the cost of living as the most important issue facing Rhode Islanders.

Magaziner said oil profits are coming at a time when it is unfair because consumers are getting gouged at the gas pump.

“As state treasurer for the past eight years, I have experience working with people across the political spectrum to get things done,” Magaziner said.

Asked about an issue he’s changed his mind about, Magaziner said he now believes term limits are a “healthy” thing.

“These positions, whether it’s state treasurer, Congress, these do not belong to the individuals who hold those offices. These are positions that belong to the people,” he said. “I do support term limits for members of Congress and for all positions.”

Magaziner said he admires Franklin Roosevelt because FDR understood that in times of crisis leaders have to meet the moment and advance policies that support working people.

As for the best advice he’s ever received, he said: “People in government who are most effective are the people who are the best listeners.”