Fung’s Commitment to McCarthy Threatens Much-Needed Social Security COLA Adjustment for Rhode Islanders


WARWICK, RI –  Today, 230,000 Rhode Islanders who depend on Social Security are learning they will receive a cost of living adjustment, the most significant increase in forty years. While more needs to be done to support seniors who are struggling to make ends meet, Allan Fung’s commitment to Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy means these seniors risk losing the benefits they’ve worked their entire lives for if Republicans take hold of Congress. 

“The contrast is clear– Seth Magaziner will fight to protect and increase the Social Security benefits seniors rely on, but the extremist Republicans Allan Fung supports are determined to cut benefits for the 230,000 Rhode Islanders who depend on it,” said Communications Director Patricia Socarras. 

Allan Fung has committed his first vote to make Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House, who literally wrote a book on cutting Social Security.  Fung recently campaigned in RI with Rep. Jason Smith who this week committed to shutting down the government in order to pass cuts to Social Security; and Fung’s pal Chris Christie made Social Security cuts a part of his campaign playbook

Magaziner last week received the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, the nation’s leading advocacy group that fights to protect Social Security and Medicare. He has also proposed expanding Social Security and Medicare benefits, not cutting them, and supported legislation passed Congress last month to allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug costs for seniors. Allan Fung stated that he opposed the bill to lower drug costs under Medicare. 

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