Magaziner Gains Momentum in Second Debate


WARWICK, RI –  Rhode Islanders tuning in to the second RI-02 debate tonight heard Seth Magaziner’s commitment to fighting for them in Washington by protecting Social Security and Medicare; cracking down on big oil and big drug companies who are price gouging; protecting a woman’s reproductive rights; and turning the page on far-right extremism and Donald Trump.

In stark contrast, Republican opponent Allan Fung reaffirmed his commitment to:

  • Making Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House, even though he wrote a book on cutting Social Security
  • Gutting the Affordable Care Act, which would cause 70,000 Rhode Islanders to lose their health insurance 
  • Voting against legislation lowering the cost of prescription drugs and legislation to hold billion-dollar oil companies accountable for price gouging Rhode Islanders.
  • Empowering Republicans determined to pass a national abortion ban  
  • Opposing all common sense gun safety reforms

“Again, Allan Fung continued to prioritize voting for Kevin McCarthy and enabling the extremist Republican agenda over fighting for working people in Rhode Island,” said Communications Director Patricia Socarras. “Voters today walked away knowing Seth will always fight for better wages, better benefits, and protecting the freedoms of hard-working Rhode Islanders.”

Supporters are encouraged to learn more about Fung’s extreme record at and to follow Magaziner’s campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.