Magaziner to face Fung in Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District


WARWICK, R.I. (WJAR) — Seth Magaziner won the Democratic nomination in Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District in Tuesday’s primary.

Magaziner defeated five other Democrats contending for the nomination.

“Our campaign is not about me. It is about making sure that we live in a state and in a country where everyone who is willing to work hard has a chance to succeed and build a good life for themselves and their families,” Magaziner told supporters at the Greenwood Inn in Warwick. “It’s about making sure that fundamental rights and in particular the right of women to make their own health care decisions is protected in this state and in every state.”

The retirement of longtime Rep. Jim Langevin set off a scramble for the open seat.

The six candidates on the ballot were Magaziner, Omar Bah, Spencer Dickinson, Joy Fox, Sarah Morgenthau and David Segal.

While residency in the district was recurring theme during the campaign, the candidates also talked about fighting inflation, strengthening the state’s economy and immigration.

Magaziner will face Republican Allan Fung, who was uncontested in the GOP primary. Independent William Gilbert will also be on the November ballot.

“As a party, we’re united. As a community, we’re united. As a state, we are united to take back Rhode Island,” Fung said at a GOP gathering for Ashley Kalus, the Republican nominee for governor.

In Rhode Island’s 1st District, Democratic Rep. David Cicilline and Republican Allen Waters were unopposed in their respective primaries.