McCarthy’s SuperPAC Continues Lying to Rhode Islanders, in Desperate Attempt to Prop Up Serial Tax-Raiser Allan Fung

WARWICK, RI – Washington DC Republicans continue lying to Rhode Island voters in their latest ad, failing to recognize that General Treasurer Seth Magaziner has pledged to oppose any tax increase for families making less than $400,000 a year while GOP candidate Allan Fung hiked taxes ten times during tenure in Cranston, costing the average […]

WPRI Poll Shows Tight Race With Clear Path to Victory for Magaziner

WARWICK, RI– The Magaziner for Congress campaign issued the following statement in response to the public poll conducted by WPRI and Roger Williams University: “The WPRI poll shows a clear path for Magaziner to win this race by reminding voters how out of step Allan Fung is from their values. As Rhode Islanders learn that […]

Fung Refuses to Condemn Donald Trump, Even After Announcing Death Wish on McConnell

WARWICK, RI- Yesterday, Allan Fung refused two opportunities to denounce former President Donald Trump for directing racial slurs at Former Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, only condemning the language itself. Additionally, Allan Fung acknowledged voting for Trump and has never voiced regrets or acknowledged any possible connection between the former president and the Jan. 6 […]

Fung’s Commitment to McCarthy Means Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

WARWICK, RI- As a result of Allan Fung’s commitment to Kevin McCarthy, 230,000 Rhode Islanders are at risk of having their Social Security and Medicare benefits cut. Allan Fung has repeatedly said that his first vote in Congress would be to make Kevin McCarthy the Speaker of the House. McCarthy co authored a book that […]

Magaziner Continues Calls for Congressional Stock Trading Ban, Motivated by Fung’s History of Insider Dealing

WARWICK, RI- Today, General Treasurer and congressional candidate Seth Magaziner released the following statement, calling for a ban on members of Congress trading stocks to prevent the corrupt insider trading his opponent Allan Fung has personally benefited from in the past.  “It’s wrong for any politician to use insider information to get rich– they should […]

Fung Sides with McCarthy, Helping Billionaires Cheat Their Way Out of Paying Taxes

WARWICK, RI – Today the Magaziner for Congress campaign released the following statement on Kevin McCarthy’s pledge to repeal the expansion of the Internal Revenue Service which would allow the IRS to uncover and prosecute wealthy tax cheats.  The expansion was part of the Inflation Reduction Act.  Allan Fung, who is endorsed by right- wing […]

New Magaziner Ad Highlights RI Women Concerned About Fung’s Extreme Position on Abortion Bans

WARWICK, RI- Today, Magaziner for Congress announced the release of its television advertisement “Needed,” which profiles Rhode Island women standing up against Allan Fung and the extreme Republican efforts to outlaw abortion. “Allan Fung’s extreme record on abortion rights is clear- he opposed making Roe v. Wade the law in Rhode Island in 2019, he […]

Fung Receives A Rating from National Rifle Association

NRA Rewards Fung for His Record of Standing with Gun Industry and Against Keeping Rhode Islanders Safe from Gun Violence WARWICK, RI- The National Rifle Association(NRA) this week gave Allan Fung an “A” rating in the race for the second congressional district.    Allan Fung has previously stated he is against any limitations on assault weapons […]

Magaziner Committed to Banning Members of Congress from Trading Individual Stocks, Supports Term Limits

WARWICK, RI – Today, Magaziner for Congress announced the release of its television advertisement “Serve,” in which Magaziner commits to banning members of Congress from trading individual stocks and supporting term limits for members of Congress. “Politicians should serve the people, not get rich off of their positions,” said General Treasurer and congressional candidate Seth […]

Magaziner criticizes Fung on abortion access and for being on board of St. Thomas More Society of RI
Edward Fitzpatrick | Boston Globe

Though it has a similar name, the local group is not connected to the national organization that filed legal briefs urging the Supreme Court to overturn Roe. v. Wade PROVIDENCE — Democratic congressional candidate Seth Magaziner on Tuesday noted newly filed financial disclosure forms show his Republican opponent, Allan W. Fung, is on the board […]